PV Distributors

PV projects are becoming increasingly common in the Netherlands. Van Wezel has the expertise required for these projects.
A distribution device for a PV installation isn't an ordinary distributor.

When designing a photovoltaic installation, it is crucial that heat development is taken into account, especially where the distribution device is concerned. When producing energy in solar panels, provided there is sufficient light, there will be a high long-term yield. On a sunny day, the simultaneity will be almost 100% for 6 to 8 hours and this is exactly why the design of a PV distributor is much more critical than that of a distributor in buildings.

This has to be taken into account in the PV installation. Heat development in the distribution device can also build up significantly. This is important when selecting the circuit breakers, but also the rail systems and cabling.

Were shall I separate and switch? Where do I place a kWh meter and which power transformers do I use? Where do I protect against overvoltage? What additional requirements apply? How do I connect to my existing installation? What will the currents be, what is the kA rating?

These are the kinds of questions that will be addressed during the engineering phase of a distribution device. Van Wezel BV has employees with the relevant knowledge to answer these questions.

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