Canalis KT

Canalis KT

• Busbar system for high power distribution up to 5,000A
• Pre-fabricated busbar system for high power distribution from 800A to 5,000A


Canalis KT is designed for the transport and distribution of high energy from 800A to 5,000A. The high level of protection (IP55) offers protection against splashing water, sprinklers and dust. Because of its compact design and robustness (IK08), the system is suitable for industrial applications, shopping centres, tertiary buildings and infrastructures.

Technical features:

• Rated current busbar:
- 800A to 4,000A, aluminium conductors
- 1,000A to 5,000A, red copper conductors
• Tap-off units for rated current: 25A to 1,000 A
• Number of active conductors: 3L+PE, 3L+N+PE, 3L+N+PER (PER = reinforced PE)
• Safety index: IP55, IPxxD, can withstand sprinklers
• Insulation type: Polyester class B (resistant up to 130°C) halogen free
• Length of busbar sections 4 m and 2 m or custom made 0.5 m to 3 m
• Surface treatment: Sheet metal pre-coated with RAL 9001
• Regulations: in accordance with IEC 61439-1 & 6


• Modular and upgradable system
• Fast and easy assembly
• Safety:
- An infallible system prevents a unit from being installed or removed when under load
- Live parts are inaccessible
• Tap-off units fully compatible with Canalis KS
• Excellent contacts: lifetime warranty
• Halogen free: no emissions of vapours or toxic gases in the event of fire
• High protection index IP 55 for all types of buildings
• Disassembled, reused and fully recyclable


• Industrial buildings: industrial estates, workshops, agricultural company buildings, logistics centres, etc.
• Commercial/tertiary buildings: shopping centres, supermarkets, hotels, homes for the elderly, technical schools, gyms
• Critical buildings: data centres, hospitals
• Maritime environment: cruise ships

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