Van Wezel Elektrotechniek represents quality. The products that we manufacture and deliver must comply with the highest standards.

All final products undergo an inspection, of course, but interim inspections are also required to ensure a fully approved product.
These inspections do not only entail checks of the final products, but also of the process as a whole.
All interim tests that are performed at product level are registered in our test system, as is the final test, and these can be requested at any time.

Our test report is a summary of the checklist that is completed for every distributor. All points included in the checklist have to be assessed individually in order to complete the test report. Only then can our testers approve the product. The distributor can only be delivered after it has been approved.

All of our distribution boxes are built and tested in accordance with NEN-EN 61439 sections 1 and 2.
Our ISO/VCA certification is audited annually by the certification agency TUV based in the Netherlands.
Our KEMA (testing, inspection and certification organisation) in the workplace is reviewed annually by DEKRA (product testing and certification) and our Okken licence is audited periodically by our partner Schneider Electric.

Our work preparation, estimating department and fitters undergo regular training in order to improve quality further still.

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